Tobidi - Music Video Streamer App Reviews


What happened to the old one........ ———- #Bring back


The old one was so much better this one is wack because 1. Too many ads 2.I can’t even make playlists 3.I can’t download music 4.It takes forever to load sometimes 5.It can’t work without wifi PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD ONE😩!!


Doesn’t deserve a star . The last ones were good and when updated it became worse.

Arruinaron la aplicación

We need the old version

Bring Back Original Tubidy

You can’t play music offline or download anything anymore! Bring back the older original app Tubidy!

I don’t like it

Theres too many ads its not offline and u can just listen to this on youtube I dont care if its just takes a lil more internet but the old tobidy was better than this one I tried this new one and I dont like it!! Thanks for attention


We want the old version

It was better before

Can’t download and can’t play offline, too many ads


Can’t download any songs it is stuck on loading

Can’t download

The music won’t download

Bring us the old one

1- u cant download offline music or YT videos 2-too many ads


I love it so much it’s so easy and fun app thanks u so much for this great app love it 💋💋💋💋💋❤️🌹❤️❤️❤️👌👍🎼🎶🦋


Add the option to play music offline

Don’t wast your time!!!

It has to many ads when you first download the app it was one and after it just pops up more and more every time I get the little normal ads but these are to much I liked the other one better before the update now it just sucks😕


Doesnt play music without wifi other wise it was fine

  • send link to app